Voice Over Recording Studios

This isn’t an all-inclusive list. It’s the best-of-the best. These voice recording studios are nationally-recognized and each has worked on major projects you’ve heard on the radio, or seen on TV or your computer screen. Did you hire a voice actor out-of-state? Use this directory to find a remote studio to record them. Do you need a studio to mix your voice over project? Use this directory to find one near you.

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Business Name
Url Location Phone Email Contacts
Acoustech Music Productions acoustechmusic.com Atlanta, GA 404.467.0441 alan@acoustechmusic.com Alan T. Melville
Charlie Uniform Tango charlietango.com Austin, TX 512.499.8790 keith_munley@charlietango.com Keith Munley
Pony Sound ponysound.com Austin, TX 512.485.3181 audio@ponysound.com Amber Dwelle
Digital Domain digdom.com Austin, TX 512.328.9058 chris@digdom.com Chris Erlon
Stuck On On stuckonon.com Austin, TX 512.535.4760 allison@stuckonon.com Allison Turrell
Coupe Studios coupestudios.com Boulder, CO 303.447.0551 producers@coupestudios.com Libby Clearfield, Aaron Lasko
Another Country anothercountry.net Chicago, IL 312.706.5800 tim.konn@anothercountry.net Tim Konn
ARU aruchicago.com Chicago, IL 312.527.7000 lrondeau@aruchicago.com Lynn Rondeau
Squeak E. Clean Studios www.squeakeclean.com Chicago, IL 262.864.3774 angelina@squeakeclean.com Angelina Phenphong
Charlie Uniform Tango charlietango.com Dallas, TX 214.922.9222 marlee@charlietango.com Marlee Cutbirth
Lucky Post lucky-post.com Dallas, TX 214.443.9820 jessica@lucky-post.com Jessica Berry
Republic Editorial republicedit.com Dallas, TX 214.954.1996 camryns@republicedit.com Camryn Sulak
Deaf Mule deafmule.com Dallas, TX 214.849.5505 victor@deafmule.com Victor Macias
Studio Awesome studioawesome.la Hollywood, CA 323.798.4262 josiah@studioawesome.la Josiah Kosier
Evolution Audio evolutionaudio.com Kansas City, MO 816.561.0423 ginny@evolutionaudio.com Ginny Martin
Independent Studios independentstudios.tv/ Milwaukee, WI 414.347.1100 trishs@independentstudios.tv Trish Sheppard
Rumble rumble1.com Minneapolis, MN 612.353.4848 dorene@rumble1.com Dorene Manchi
Pixel Farm pixelfarm.com Minneapolis, MN 612.339.7644 ncarlson@pixelfarm.com Natasha Carlson
Grey Ghost Music greyghostmusic.com Minneapolis, MN 612.321.8396 laurel@greyghostmusic.com Laurel Turek
Sisterboss sisterboss.com Minneapolis, MN 612.252.3990 annie@sisterboss.com Annie Sparrows
Audio Ruckus audioruckus.com Minneapolis, MN 612.333.2067 heather@audioruckus.com Heather Bonneson
Sound Lounge soundlounge.com New York, NY 212.388.1212 producers@soundlounge.com Dana Villarreal
Buttons NY buttonsny.com New York, NY 212.764.8650 john@buttonsny.com John Boyle
Digital Arts, NYC digitalartsny.com New York, NY 212.460.9600 lauren@digitalartsny.com Lauren Boyle
Mr. Bronx Audio Post bronxaudio.com New York, NY 646.556.8123 maggie@bronxaudio.com Maggie Norsworthy
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