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This isn’t an all-inclusive list. It’s the best-of-the best. These voice recording studios are nationally-recognized and each has worked on major projects you’ve heard on the radio, or seen on TV or your computer screen. Did you hire a voice actor out-of-state? Use this directory to find a remote studio to record them. Do you need a studio to mix your voice over project? Use this directory to find one near you.

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Business Name
Url Location Phone Email Contacts
Rainmaker Studios rainmakerstudios.com Richmond, VA 804.771.1300 clinton@rainmakerstudios.com Clinton Spell
M Squared m2post.com San Francisco, CA 415.433.3300 sarah@m2post.com Sarah Benedict
One Union Recording oneunionrecording.com San Francisco, CA 415.675.7477 jaylen@oneunionrecording.com Jaylen Block-Smith
Lime Studios limestudios.tv Santa Monica, CA 310.829.5463 susie@limestudios.tv Susie Boyajan
Formosa Interactive Seattle formosagroup.com Seattle, WA 206.464.0520 firstinititallastname@formosagroup.com Joanna Raustein, Kate Powell
Pure Audio pureaudio.com Seattle, WA 206.728.6300 kathy@pureaudio.com Kathy Levin
Bad Animals badanimals.com Seattle, WA 206.443.1500 info@badanimals.com Wendi Wills
Antidote Studio antidotestl.com St. Louis, MO 314.241.9300 rachael@antidotestl.com Rachael Roberts
90 Degrees West 90degreeswest.com St. Louis, MO 314.241.9039 carrie.stark@90degreeswest.com Carrie Stark
Coolfire coolfire.com St. Louis, MO 314.300.6502 avega@coolfire.com Alicia Vega
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