Feature: New York Talent Agencies

April 6, 2021

Talent agencies are a core component to SelectVO’s success. While our site design, key features, and customer support make voice casting and choosing talent a breeze, it’s the ear and experience of top talent agencies that put the perfect voice in front of you.

Over the next month we’re going to highlight the talent agencies that make us look good, and help your project reach great.

To make the list more concise, we’ve broken up these articles by region. This week, we’re highlighting New York talent agencies.

A3 Artists


New York & LA

A3 Artists Agency is a leading talent and literary agency known for fostering careers and building the personal brands of some of today’s most notable actors, writers, artists, and content creators across a broad spectrum of the entertainment industry. With offices in New York, Los Angeles and London, A3 Artists Agency is highly regarded for its roster that reaches a wide global audience. In September of 2018, the agency was acquired by longtime executives, Robert Attermann and Brian Cho, and their new partner, entrepreneur and producer Adam Bold. The agency’s voiceover department is committed to exploring opportunities for our clients throughout all traditional, and emerging markets in the space.

Access Talent


New York

Access Talent, based in Manhattan with performers all over North America, is a hands-on, boutique voice over talent agency.

Founded in 1999, Access represents voice industry professionals, whether they be celebrity talent or young, up and coming voice artists, the quality and proper application of our performers is what sets us apart.

Arcieri Talent


New York

Arcieri & Associates Talent Agency represents celebrity and non-celebrity artists in all areas of Commercials, Voiceovers, Documentaries, Network Promos, Theatrical Trailers, Industrials, Audio Books, Animation and New Media.

Atlas Talent


New York & LA

Atlas Talent is one of the premier Voice Over Talent Agencies, with bi-coastal representation with offices in NY and LA. We specialize in all aspects of VO including Promos, Commercials, Animation, Narration, Foreign Language, and Podcasts. All of our clients have home studios with source connect.



New York & LA

CESD is one of the nation’s most prestigious commercial, voice-over, print, digital influencer, theatrical/TV-film and young performer talent agencies and a dominant force in our industry. Based in the media capitals of the world, New York City and Los Angeles, the company’s unique dimensions include offering performers complete representation for on-camera and voice-over commercials, digital, print/fashion, beauty, dance, animation and gaming, hosting, puppeteers, promos/trailers/narration, and television and radio affiliate marketing.



New York, LA, & Chicago

DDO is a full service talent agency with offices in NY, LA and Chicago, representing all ages and types. 

DDO’s Voice Over department spans three cities and specializes in commercials, animation, promos, trailers, narration, video games, ADR/looping, political, industrial and audiobooks. We pride ourselves on representing a diverse range of talent and always thinking ahead and outside of the box. DDO is the future of Voice Overs. 

Innovative Artists


New York & LA

Our distinguished actors––including young talent––can be heard around the world in commercials, celebrity endorsements, animation, promos, trailers, narration, documentaries, on-line media, videogames and audiobooks.



New York

It would be impossible to have existed the last two decades without hearing KMR’s clients speak. You’ve heard them on Blue chip national commercial spots, local radio, National promo campaigns, Documentary narrations, Trailers, Political ads, Cartoons, Video games, Sleep stories, and Social media campaigns.  They are likely so engrained in your psyche, they may even be the little voice in your head that tells you to eat your vegetables.

In 2020, KMR Talent combined what was already a strong department with the entirety of the Paradigm VO roster of clients and agents to create something unique in the industry.  Combining decades of experience with two complementary philosophies created an agency that is both steeped in tradition and forward thinking.  We pride ourselves on quickly turning around curated auditions and submissions populated by some of the best performers in the business.  We look forward to working with you. 

PN Agency


New York, Toronto & Montreal

PN Agency is one of North America’s oldest non-union voice talent agencies, having launched 30 years ago in 1991.  We represent voice talents exclusively in Toronto, Montreal and New York.  Our sister agency, Ethnic Voice Talent, represents foreign language and accented talents in those same three markets.


Stewart Talent


New York, Chicago & Atlanta

Stewart Talent, with offices in NY, LA, Chicago and Atlanta, is a premier talent agency. The agency caters to actors in every aspect of film, television, theatre, on-camera commercials and voice-over.